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Ear mites in Dogs

ear mites in dogs

Ear mites are microscopic, spider-like, parasitic organisms that are a prime cause of ear infection in dogs. They thrive in warm and moist areas of the ear canals and feed on epidermal debris and ear wax. Dogs with long floppy ears are more prone to ear mites than others.

Symptoms of Ear mites in Dogs :-

Infected pets will show signs and symptoms of

Home remedies for Ear mites in dogs :-

Since this is a common pet condition, it is advisable to try out home remedies for ear mites in dogs before resorting to chemical means. Ears must be cleaned of the waxy substance before applying prescription medication or using home remedies.

Note: - Do not use vinegar on sore or ulcerated ears as it can sting.

Other Ear mite remedies :-

Always seek our dog vet’s advice, before you decide to use over the counter medication, to treat ear mites in dogs. Consult our vets online for more information, symptoms, and treatment for ear mites in dogs, various other issues and much more.