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Horse Breeds

Horses are differentiated on the basis of breeds, colors, types, bloods and purposes.

Below is a list of the most popular horse breeds in the United States:-

American Paint Horse

American Paint Horse Colorful coat pattern is essential to the identity of the breed. They are known for their gentle disposition, athletic ability, intelligent and versatility and are bred exclusively to keep their spotted patterns. There are three specific coat patterns: overo, tovero and tobiano. Paints were cherished by the cowboys because they worked hard. Excellent horse for ranch work, rodeo, trail riding, showing and friendly mount for kids.

American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse The American Quarter Horses are the first breed of horses native to United States, oldest North American breed and were used by the English colonists for short distance racing as they could cover short distances, faster than other horses. They are known for their pleasant temperament, ability to outmaneuver cattle, agility, excels in equine activities like rodeo, roping, barrel racing, show jumping and dressage. The American Quarter Horse Association is the largest breed registry in the world.

American Saddlebred Horse

American Saddlebred Horse The American Saddlebred Horses have gained fame as a breed for their services in the Civil War and are known for being the “Peacock of the Show Ring”. They are also known for having a pleasant temperament, eagerness, strength, stamina, obedient, intelligent and friendly nature. They are used for pulling carriages, riding and other work.


Andalusian Andalusians are the oldest breed of horses. In the past, they were valued as a warhorse. They are used in bullfighting, parade, dressage and show jumping because of its agility and power. In Spain, they are used in harness during ceremonial and festive occasions.

Appaloosa Horse

Appaloosa Horse The Appaloosa Horses are known as the spotted horse. They are bred for their quiet and gentle disposition, commendable stamina needed for racing and hunting, versatility and are able jumpers. They are suited for all equine activities like parade, cow horse, trail rides, pleasure rides, show, polo, racing and jumping.

Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse Oldest purebred in the world, Arabian Horses were bred first by the Bedouin tribes of Arabia. Arabian is the foundation horse for all light breeds such as Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Morgan. Known for its beautiful appearance, elegant movements, intelligence, easy to train, enjoys human companionship, stamina, endurance, agility, hardy spirit, gentle disposition and adaptable nature. They are normally crossed with other breeds to create sport horses. They excel in most equine sports and activities.

Hanoverian Horse

Hanoverian Horse Hanoverian was established in Celle, in Germany by George II, King of England; best known as the European warm blood, became very popular in the United States. They made a mark in Grand Prix competitions and are known for their intelligence, versatility, courage and even temperament. They excel in equine activities such as jumping, dressage, eventing.

Missouri Fox Trotter

Missouri Fox Trotter This is a relatively new breed bred by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to preserve the unique characteristics of animals bred in Ozarks. They wanted a breed that could carry them tirelessly and comfortably. They are known for their unusual gait called “fox trot” which takes them many miles without fatigue.

Morgan Horse

Morgan Horse First documented American breed, owes its lineage to Justin Morgan. They are bred for their stamina, endurance, gentle disposition, speed, strength, beauty, thriftiness, longevity, versatile, loyalty and reliability. Used in ranch work, show, pleasure riding. At one time, it was the official horse of the United States army.

Palomino Horse

Palomino Horse The Palomino is a color breed admired for its versatility, maneuverability and endurance. Used in racing, ranching, rodeo, pleasure riding, parades, shows, fiestas, jumping, trail rides and all other equine activities.

Peruvian Paso

Peruvian Paso The Peruvian Paso covers long distances with its signature gait and is bred to be a show horse, parade horse and endurance horse. It is popular among many American horse enthusiasts because it provides riding comfort, strength, stamina and for its calm disposition.

Paso Fino

Paso Fino Paso Finos are the American equivalent of the Peruvian Paso. They are known for their smooth rides.

Tennessee Walking Horse

Tennessee Walking Horse Newer North American breed, developed in the Tennessee, in the late 1800’s, by farmers who wanted a breed that could work in the fields for long hours and give their owners a comfortable saddle gait. Breed does not trot but has a gait called a “running walk” - provides a rider with smooth, no bouncy rides. The Tennessee Walkers are known for their calm dispositions, gentle manners and good looks and are also famous for their “rocking chair” canter. They are great in show rings, barrels, poles, jumping, dressage, driving, trail classes, ranch as working horses.

Thoroughbred Horse

Thoroughbred Horse The Thoroughbred Horses are known for their racehorse lineage. They were used extensively by the aristocratic for horse racing. It was called “Sport of Kings” by King Charles II. Thoroughbred is the highest in volume of racing and breeding. They are the ideal runners and are well-known for speed and stamina, and are used in jumping, polo, dressage and eventing. Kentucky has more Thoroughbred horse farms in the world and maximum number of racetrack champions comes from Kentucky.

Miniature Horses

Miniature Horses The Miniature Horses are stylish, well proportioned and small horses with a gentle, affectionate nature. Their small size makes them an excellent companion. They are ideal for small children, adults, senior citizens and people with disabilities.