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Petnvetfinder is one-stop information on pet care. We aim to provide you with a comprehensive resource for information on pets. We cater to all kinds of pets like cats, dogs, horses and birds. A place where we pamper your pets like our own and give your pets the priority, they deserve. Every pet animal is an individual with a personality of their own; we strive to treat each one with the best pet care, possible.

Petnvetfinder’s aim is to provide the pet owners - advice, tips and tricks and how’s to on pet care, this is to improve the knowledge on pet care, pet grooming, training and health. Proper care, right medication, nutrients and supplements, maintaining hygiene conditions enhances the life of your pet and keeps them healthy and happy. As there are thousands of species and pet breeds, via our pet finder, we will locate the right pet for you by analyzing your wants, requirements and needs.

We have a general vet as well as vets for pets like birds, horses, dogs and cats who have hands on experience and the expertise at dealing with pet animals. Our vets are available online, round the clock, seek their advice or consult them anytime you want. In case of emergencies, wherein you have to visit a veterinarian, we will help you find a vet in your vicinity.

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Top Pet Stories

  • Cat Grooming Tips

    Cat grooming

    Cats are fastidious groomers, yet some look fluffy, while others scruffy. They do need a little help from humans to look nice, sleek and pretty.

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  • Pets for Kids

    pets for kids

    Is your child nagging you to get a pet home? Take your time to make a decision. Re-introduce this topic after few months, to check if your kid still wants a pet.

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  • Adopting a Dog

    dog adoption

    There are many factors, one must consider, before adopting a pet dog. One should be really sure that the decision of adopting a dog is a right one and will not

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